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also today a new series of photos have surface that had show remnants of one of the bombs used in the attack and pieces of shrapnel apparently packed into that device. >> these are hellish and diabolical devices filled with nails and bbs and may be directional. >> reporter: outside the crime scene police and soldiers with assault weapons stand guard across the city, part of the stepped-up security presence that authorities say will continue here as the grieving continues as well. emotions still raw, but for many now shifting away from the shock and fear immediately after the deadly blast. >> i'm really angry. >> reporter: and anxious like investigators who are aggressively working to determine who is responsible. jay gray, nbc news, boston. okay, jay, thank you. terry mcsweeney is also in boston for us tonight. terry, it's been so emotional for people here in the bay area i can only imagine how difficult it is for everyone there.
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>> reporter: good evening. raj. i'm here on boylston street, yes, the memorial continues to grow here. throughout the day hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have brought flowers and candles in memory of those who died and those who were injured, but all the buzz is for a suspect in custody heading to the federal courthouse, hundreds of people there including an 8-year-old girl. take a look. her name is ava. when she heard the news she texted her father and needed to be there, she wanted to see the man who killed her friend from corridor 8-year-old martin richard who died in monday's marathon bombing. they were friends, very close friends and always played together. she had to see who took him from her. if the suspect was coming down here, what kind of feelings were you having? >> mad and scared.
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>> reporter: mad, explain that to me. >> when i first heard, i was really mad at him, like i didn't know who would do that, like i don't know what he was thinking at the time, but it was just really heartbreaking. >> when you say scared, explain that. >> i was actually shaking and crying at the same time. i was texting my friend, and she was crying more than me and just scar scared. >> reporter: adding to everyone's experience a bomb threat at the courthouse. they evacuated the courthouse. there was no bomb any more than there was a suspect. coming up at 5:00, the story of a san francisco woman who you could say have her life saved by a cinnamon bun, and her 63-year-old mother who was running with shrapnel from the leg, not from the bomb blast on monday but for the last half century. until then, live in boston,
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terry mcsweeney. >> terry is going to work on audio difficulties. sorry for those technical hits there. we'll check in with him a little bit later. a fremont battery company is appalled one of its batteries may have been used in monday's deadly bombing in boston. the vice president of technology for the fremont company says his company makes the tenergy wasry. it's used by hobbyists to power remote controlled car and can be bought at hobby shops and online. >> horrified and appalled, appalled and shocked. these batteries are largely used for toys. cars and trucks and to see it used in such a way, just horrifying. >> he says his company has sold tens of thousands of the batteries. he says tracing who bought the one that might have been used in the bombings would be near
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impossible. however, he said tenergy has contacted boston police and the fbi to offer their assistance. our coverage continues on our website, nbc bay it's updated around the clock. just into our newsroom, federal agents say kenneth curtis of mississippi has been arrested as the suspect connected to poison letters recently mailed to president obama and a u.s. senator. both those letters tested positive for ricin. ricin is a deadly poison made from castor beans. it can kill within 36 hours and there's no known antidote. an fbi spokesperson says at this point they don't believe the letters are related to the attacks in boston and what's happening there. >> new details and new accusations are being made tonight in the audrey pott case, this time against her school, saratoga high. pott is the 15-year-old girl who committed suicide. her family says it was as a result of a sexual assault and bullying at the hands of three male classmates. her family has just filed a claim which could be a precursor
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to a lawsuit against the saratoga union high school district. more live from san jose. >> reporter: good evening. this is what's called a governor claim. it is required if the family wants to pursue legal action against the school distribute t.outlines new allegations against school officials, some of which are shocking. the overriding accusation made by audrey potts' family against the los gatos-saratoga union high school district is that school officials knew that the teen was being bullied by classmates and failed to act and the school also accuses the principal of saratoga high of announcing the death over the loudspeaker to the student body before the family realize that had she was passed away. that's because she was kept on life support for two days after she hanged herself and the family claims audrie was still alive when the principal shared
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news of her passing. the principal sought to conceal the bullying by telling a local newspaper that the girl's death was not due to bullying. >> the key for what the family is looking at is did the school know that audrie was being bullied. >> reporter: a legal analyst says even,000 though the sexual assault happened after campus it could still cause trouble for the school district. >> if the dissemination of the photographs and the bullying occurred on campus between students, then that is something that the school perhaps should have prevented. >> describing the assault, the claim states, quote, some of the boys took her to a bedroom where they undressed her, wrote in ink on her body and took pictures and/or video. audrie awoke the next day with no pants on and with markings over her body not knowing what happened. three boys were arrested and charged with the assault and distributing photos of the attack. the claim goes on to say that in the week before her death audrie
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w was accused of cutting herself and another one harassed her and called her name. the family claims teachers and administrators at saratoga high failed to respond. this is a violent prevention coordinator at san jose state and says schools have an important role in preventing bullying. >> the first step for any college campus and any school campus is to call it what it is. it's bullying. it's violence, and it's not okay >> reporter: and just about an hour ago the district issued a lengthy statement which says in part, quote, our internal investigation showed that audrie never reported or south counseling for bullying before or after the alleged sexual assault. if she had, our staff would have reported it and taken preventive steps to stop it. the district also refutes one of the family's accusations saying
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that the principal had permission from audrie's stepmother to announce her death to the school and as for why the thee boys were not expelled or suspended the statement reads, quote, school districts cannot suspend or expel someone based solely on alleged behavior outside of school. if you'd like to read the entire four pages of the school's response, can you go to our website, and click on the audrie potts story. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. another local story involving teenagers. three of the five teenagers arrested in the fatal shooting of a san jose paramedic have been charged with murder and carjacking. a petition has also been filed to charge the thee as adults. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from police headquarters with an update. how is the community reacting to all of this? >> they are outraged, raj, and
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we are also learning that a sixth teenager is being interviewed in this case and sources tell nbc bay area that that teenage boy is 13 years old. you talk about the community. well, they are reacting tonight to the ages of the suspects. >> just so easy. it shakes my soul. >> reporter: ken houston says his soul is being shaken by the fact that so many teenagers have easy access to guns in oakland. >> you can go to district five, district six, district seven 30 minutes, 45 minutes. can you have a gun. can you get a gun for $300. >> reporter: five teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 16 are in juvenile hall tonight and may soon face murder charges in the fatal shooting of san jose paramedic quinn boyer. three of them had a hearing today on charges of murder and carjacking. boyer was shot and killed in the oakland hills on april 2nd.
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upon announcing their arrest yesterday, the oakland police chief howard says he's appalled by the ages of the suspects. >> and i call on the parents, the school district adults to help change the cycle, the vicious cycle that has taken place in this city where young men and women are finding it very easy, very comfortable to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. >> one of these young people. >> reporter: ken porter said he was able to escape the vic a a . he's now the executive direct orf greater new beginnings, a group home in oakland for teenaged boys between the ages of 12 and 17. >> parents as well as the community have to step up, and that's what i really think that the core of the problem is. >> easier said than done, says ken huston, who knows the street. he agrees criminals are getting younger, and he believes he knows why.
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>> just think about it. if you have no hope, what are you living for? you're capable of anything, and these children have no hope and they need hope. they need inclusion, instead of exclusion. >> it may be a few days before we find out if the three teenagers in juvenile court today will be charged as adults. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. well, look out below. still ahead. the local company taking a steep plunge on wall street. >> also an update on the east bay boy who was seriously injured when the bombs went off in boston. we'll show you how you can help support his family and also the neighbors in martinez. >> this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> the decision made by the senate today that left president obama very disappointed. >> and temperatures around the bay area soaring into the 70s today. especially around the north bay along with some breezy conditions. temperatures outside right now
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still 67 degrees in san jose, but if you thought today was warm, well, we have ahead in the seven-day forecast will make today actually feel somewhat cool. 80s coming our yeah as we approach the weekend. we'll take a look at that when we come right back. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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most of these senators could not offer any good reason why we wouldn't want to make it harder for criminals and those with severe mental illnesses to buy a gun. it came down to politics. >> sharp words from a disappointed president obama who appeared late today alongside the families of the newtown shooting massacre. the president expressed their disappointment after the senate today defeated a compromise bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun ownership. the vote was just six short of the 60 needed to pass. gun control advocates were hopeful it would pass as the
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revised bill did not include a ban on assault weapons or high capacity magazines. turning again to the terror in boston. today we learned the identity of the third person killed in the explosions, a young woman named lu ling xi. she was watching the marathon with two friends when the bombs went off. well, it may have been a matter of fate. a bay area woman in boston to watch her 63-year-old mother run the marathon, missed being in the blast zone by a matter of minutes. more now live from boston with more on that story. terry? >> reporter: and this is a story about that fine line between life and death and how sometimes chance can make all the difference. that woman from san francisco had a brush with death. for her 63-year-old mother this was the second in her lifetime. >> no one knew what was going on. >> reporter: she came to boston
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to cheer on her mother, 36-year-old chiao smith and the plan was to meet at finish line. her hunger may have saved her life. >> i saw flower bakery and heard about it and said -- we could just meet at the family meeting area if i go get a cinnamon roll instead of meeting you at the finish line. suddenly the first bomb went off where she was supposed to be. >> the baekry went really silent and everyone just left and tried to find and then it was chaos. >> reporter: she had no idea her mother was less than a mile from the finish line. had she run a little faster or had she been a little less hungry, they both could have been at the finish line at the wrong time. at first chow didn't understand the severity of the blast and wanted to keep running. >> second bomb goes off, and by then we don't want to go to the finish line. >> she has felt the pain of the bomb blast survives. she was torn up by shrapnel as a girl in vietnam.
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>> hit my arm and i didn't feel that. my right toe split in half. >> she took the wrapping from her cinnamon roll and turned it into a flower with a message from her mother. >> this saved her life, her and her husband's life, and i'm so grateful for that. >> we are lucky. we are so lucky and i'm so grateful for that, and -- and, i mean, i think anyone who has been through tough times knows that you celebrate every day in any case. >> reporter: coming up on the news at 6:00, we'll have the story of the 8-year-old girl who insisted on going to the federal courthouse here in boston today to possibly see the person who killed her little friend. coming up in about 45 minute. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> you'll see the memorials there just going on around the
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clock with people leaving notes. >> a martinez boy who suffered serious injuries during the bombing underwent a second surgery. his name is aaron hearn. he was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line. the 11-year-old was hit in the leg with shrapnel. his father told the "today" show this morning his son was resting, even opening his eyes and trying to speak. he's a well-liked student at martinez junior high where his parents struggled to explain there the senseless act to their own kids. >> we do talk to them and let them know these are isolated incidents. we're not quite sure what's going on yet. once we figure it out, then we'll sit down and tell them exactly what happened. >> it's a tight-knit community. the community in martinez is raising money for the hearn family. last night a local restaurant donated its proceeds and also mountain mike's pizza and kinder's deli are hosting fund-raisers throughout the next few days. the family is expected on east boston. we invited you to stay here on
5:19 pm
air and online. >> a quarter million dollars being offered tonight. slides through underground cables in south jose. at&t is offering the reward after the damage for internet service. t the sheriff's investigators have stepped up security in the area. >> new at 5:00, a frightening afternoon in south san jose after a house caught on fire. you can see the flames and see the smoke here from an nbc chopper. fire fighters were called to the home after neighbors saw smoke and flames coming from the backyard. this was on ruby avenue.
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>> in san matto a family of nine is putting their lives back together again after making a frantic escape from their burning home. 3:30 this morning the father heard a car alarm and saw his suv on fire and the flames were spreading to the house. he managed to get his wife and that's what caused that vehicle attack. >> let bring in our meteorologist and tell us how our forecast is shooting. >> temperatures will warm up a little more today with a few more 70s on the map and still the dry north winds are time this afternoon. 72 degrees in santa rosa and san jose and 67, a cooler 63 in san francisco. we'll start to see those temperatures climb up a little bit more and meantime winds out of north not only bringing clear skies but some very dry air out there. humidity levels in the teens all around the north bay and east bay hill tops and valleys. only 15% humidity in livermore.
5:21 pm
this is early in spring so we don't have red flag warnings out there with the gusty dry winds but if we see these types of patterns maybe for the next two weeks or so off and on you may see some fire watches going up, but not the case right now. dry and it's helping to warm things up. we could see some 80s showing up. not just near 80 but maybe mid and upper 80s by the time we get to the beginning of nexáç week. right now clear skies around the bay area. no fog and no high clouds. warming ahead as high pressure tries to go back to the coast and we'll start to see some warming temperatures and needily to say the storm track is way off to the north impacting only the pacific northwest. this is a dry pattern for us and one that will turn steadily warmer as we head into the weekend and into the beginning of next week so hour by hour the future cast normally shows you fog, normally shows you a chance of drizzle and very lonely looking futurecast hour by hour from morning till lunchtime to the evening tomorrow and just like you're seeing outside. mostly clear skies which in some places and some of the wind
5:22 pm
sheltered valleys and we do thinking that the winds will probably keep the temperatures mainly in the 40s until morning and it is an interesting time of day. in the afternoon back to t-shirt weather and more so tomorrow. close to 80 in the warmer places and south of downtown san jose and santa cruz looking pretty nice. upper 70s around san jose. pleasanton, may get close to 80 degrees tomorrow. 78 degrees for livermore and closer to 70 san francisco, so this warmup that we'll see not just for the valleys but really all locations around the bay area as we get into the weekend. the temperatures continue to climb on us and now we're getting low 80s as we get into the weekend and by sunday, monday and tuesday here's where high pressure hits the peak. we're talking mid-to upper 80s monday and tuesday. if we could imagine that we could be close to breaking some records for april weather in the bay area. that's something we may see come monday and tuesday, but a little
5:23 pm
less wind we think as we aproechd proven the weekend and warming temperatures on through. >> doom and gloom for apple. what pushed the tech titan stock to its lowest level.
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no longer the king of the mountain, apple plunging today to levels we haven't seen in two years. new supply concerns dropped shares of apple stock by 5.5%, falling below $400 a share for the first time since 2011. the cupertino-based company did not comment on the stock dropch the company will release
5:26 pm
quarterly earnings next tuesday. american airlines has resumed most of its flights tuesday following yesterday's massive technology failure that forced the nation's third largest carrier to ground all domestic flights. 970 flights were cancelled, and 1,000 more were delayed. >> in health matters, could your hair give your doctors an idea about the risk for heart disease. a study out of the netherlands says yes. they looked at samples from senior citizens and measured less of the stress hormone court seoul hand those with the most had the highest risk for heart problems. back in a moment with the grand grand opening. stay with us.
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. i can't wait to go. >> san francisco icon that was once old is new again. >> we're talking about the explore torium that opened the doors to the public today. ets now $300 million location is along the embarcadero after spending 44 years at the palace of fine art. there's 600 exhibit, including many oldies, and also 150 new ones. >> this is fantastic. this feels like we've made a huge leap into the future with what we've got here with the exhibits in the building. an awesome thing for families in the building. >> there's some old and there's some new and then you can like explore both of them again. >> and it seems bigger and more spacey. >> a lot of space. it's three times bigger than its
5:30 pm
old location. >> how fun. >> i know. we've got to go check it out. >> nightly news is next. >> see you again at 6:00. >> good night, folks. on our broadcast tonight, closing in on a suspect in boston. a day of rapid developments, some false reports tonight based on imagery from the scene. investigators appear to know who they are looking for. defeated. the post-newtown gun control legislation goes down in the senate. there are cries of "shame" from victims of gun violence wahing from the senate gallery. and the president reacts with anger. high alert in washington after an unnerving day there. letters sent to the president and at least one u.s. senator have tested positive for the poisonous substance ricin. and making a difference as some very welcome rescuers come to the aid of the people of boston. to the aid of the people of boston. "nightly news" begins now.

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